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Administrator: Teams

Adding New Teams

Choose the "Teams" tab from the Administrator window.

Important Note:  If you have created multiple seasons, make sure the current season is set correctly (click the Setup tab on the Administrator window to see the current season, and change it by choosing from the list if necessary).  Teams will be created in the current season only, and will not show up in the Teams list for other seasons unless they are imported.

Choose "Add Team" from the right side menu.

Choose the appropriate division and fill in all team information.  Teams that are selected as "Active" will have their own team web page on the site and are included in the stats calculations.  Inactive teams do not appear on the web site except on the schedules.  This can be useful for creating a team named "To Be Announced" or similar placeholder teams for scheduling purposes.

Once the team has been saved, it will appear on the Teams list.  To change team information after it has been saved, select it from the list and click on "Edit Properties".

Importing Teams

Team data (including the roster and player information) can be imported from previous seasons or from any league that you have administrator access to.*  This is useful if you would like to import a team from a Spring League into the Winter League without having to re-enter player information.

*Note that your username and password must be the same for both leagues in order for the league to be visible while importing teams.

Click on the "Admin" tab in the Administrator Window.  Click on "Edit Seasons" from the right hand menu.

To import from a different league, click on "Import League". A window will appear displaying all other leagues that you have access to.  Click on the league you would like to import from  You will then be prompted to select a season to import from, which is described below.

To import from a different season in the same league, click on "Import Season" instead of "Import League."  A window will appear prompting you to select a season.

Choose a season from the pull-down menu.  Click "Next".

A window will appear showing all the teams in that season.

Choose one or more teams from the list.  You can select multiple teams by holding down the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard and clicking on the teams you would like to select.

Check "Import Team Rosters" if you would like the rosters to be imported with the teams.  You can also check the boxes beside "Administrators", "Divisions", "Rinks", "Penalties", "Officials", and "Team Managers", to bring in additional data from the season you have selected.  When you are finished click on "Import".  A summary window will appear listing all the teams that were imported. 

Note:  Teams lose their divisional alignment when they are imported, so you must reassign the division manually.

Adding Players to the Team Roster

In the Teams window, click on "Edit Team Pages/Rosters".  Choose a team from the list and click on "Select".

Click on "Add Player".


A form will appear to hold all information about the player.  This information will be stored in the Address Book in case a player switches teams in the future.  If you would like to give the player access to post notices on the team's page, make sure "Yes" is selected under "Team Management", and fill in the password field.  The player can then login from the team's web page by going to the "Team Login" box and entering full name and password in the login boxes.

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