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Administrator: Schedules & Results

Click on the "Schedules" tab in the Administrator window.

From this screen you can view and print schedules, as well as add and edit games.

Adding A Game

Click on "Add Game" from the right side menu.  The game sheet should appear:

Enter the game date, time, teams, and rink in the appropriate boxes.  Leave the goals boxes empty, and the game number is optional.  Check "Locked" if you do not want the game sheet to be edited by other users.  If you are scheduling for a tournament, enter a number in the "Round" box so that when the schedule is displayed on the web site it will be divided into rounds.  Leave the "Alternate Division" box as "None."  This feature is explained in the Advanced tutorial.  When the game information has been entered, click on "Add+."

Viewing the Schedule

Fill in the start date and end date you would like to display, and choose a rink to filter results by.  Click on "Show Schedule."

You can click on "Edit," Summary," or "Delete" beside each game.  Select "Summary" when you just want to enter the score, and use "Edit" when you want to enter the full game scoring information.  The icon to the left of the game shows if the game result has been recorded yet.

No result has been recorded yet
Only a game summary has been recorded
The full game report has been recorded

Recording A Game Summary

Click on the "Summary" link beside a game on the schedule.

The game sheet will appear, but this time with a box labeled "Summary."  Check this box, and enter the score into the "Goals" boxes.  Click "Save," and the score and points will be reflected on the web site.  The summary is used when you want to update standings without entering all the individual statistics information.

The arrows beneath the "Summary" box can be used to navigate through other game sheets on the schedule.

Recording Full Game Results

Click on the "Edit" link beside a game on the schedule.

From this screen you can enter all the information for the game.  The periods must be checked to indicate they have been played before individual statistics can be recorded.  Also, the "Status" box should be changed to "Recorded" so the information will be properly saved.

Now click on the first team's name from the tab at the top of the window.

A list of players will be displayed on the "Team Roster" list.  You can select players and transfer them to the gamesheet by clicking on the directional arrows.  If a player that is not on the roster needs to be added, click on the "Add Player" button.

Enter the player's information the boxes and click the "Save" button.  Check the "Spare" box to set the player's status as a spare.

If a player is wearing a different jersey number than usual, click on the "Edit Player" button, and change the player's jersey number in the "Edit Player" window that appears.

Once all the player's have been added, click on the "Scoring" button.

Goals can be entered by selecting the period, scoring time (must be within the period length specified on the General Game Summary), and the jersey numbers of the scorers.  Click on the "Add+" button to save the goal on the score sheet.  The jersey numbers must match the team line-up in order for the goal to be added to the game sheet.  If necessary, you can change jersey numbers by selecting the player from the lineup and clicking on the "Edit Player" button.  Once a goal has been added to the score sheet you can edit it by selecting from the list and clicking on the "Edit Goal" button.

To enter the goaltender statistics, click on the "Goaltender Statistics" button.

You can enter in the length of time played each period and the number of shots in the Goaltender statistics box.

Click on the "Penalties" button to enter the penalties.

From this screen you can enter penalty information. Again, the times and jersey numbers must match the game sheet.

When you have finished entering data for both teams, click on the "Update Stats" button to record the game sheet and update the web site.  Click on the "Save" button if you would like to save the data you have entered and mark the game sheet as recorded later.

In some instances, the web site may not properly update with the new statistics.  In this case, go to the "Admin" tab in the Administrator window, and click on "Refresh Statistics" from the right side menu.  The system will carefully tabulate the statistics to insure proper point totals. 

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