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HockeyClient: Setting up the Seasons

Click on the "Seasons" tab under the Setup Window:

Create a new season by clicking on "New Season."

In this tutorial we will start by creating a Root Season.  The Root Season is optional, and if your league only has one season per calendar year (no pre-season or playoffs) then you should skip to the next step.  A Root Season is unique in that it has no teams, players, or schedules; it is only used to group several seasons together.  First we will create a Root Season, then we will create a Regular Season and attach it to the Root Season.  From there, we can create a Pre-season and Playoff Season and also attach them to the Root Season by the same method.  The purpose of linking seasons to a root season is that it helps the web site know which seasons to display.

Since this is the Root Season, we must check the "Root Season" box.  Then click "OK".

Next we will create additional seasons based on the Root Season.  From the Seasons window, select "New Season" again.  This time, we select the 2003 Root Season we created earlier from the drop-down list.  Also, we will check the "Web Site Season" to make this the season displayed on the web site.

Note that if you are not using a Root Season you should set the Root Season list to "None".

After you have clicked on "OK", you can now return to the main window.  Under the File...Seasons menu, the "Regular Season" option will now be available.  If you create multiple seasons and group them with a root season, you can switch between them by using this menu.  This feature is useful if you are frequently switching between multiple seasons.  Note:  If you did not create a Root Season, then you will not be able to switch between seasons from the File...Seasons menu.  You will need to go to the File...Setup menu option, and open up the season you would like to switch to.  Set the Administration Module Season option to checked, and click on "OK".  The current season in the Hockey Client window will switch to the season you have chosen.

If you would like to create a new season with the same teams as an existing season, choose "Import Season" from the File...Seasons menu.  You will see a list of seasons, and you can also import the divisions, penalties, rinks, and referees from it.  However, teams will not be assigned to divisions when you import them.

Adding Divisions, Rinks, and Penalties

From the League tab in the main window, you have the ability to define divisions, rink, and penalties.  Divisions and Rinks must be defined before teams and schedules can be set up.  Penalties need only be defined if you are recording penalties on the game sheets.


You can add an item to one of the lists by choosing the "<New Item>" option from the drop-down list.

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