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HockeyClient: Schedules and Results

Click on the "Schedules" tab in the main window.

Under the "Edit" menu, click on "New Entry."

From the Scoresheet Summary window, you can enter the game information.  For tournament web sites, you can enter a Round so that the schedule display on the web site will be divided by rounds.  Do not change the Alternate Division and Alternate Seed; the purpose of these will be discussed in the Advanced section of the tutorial.  When you are finished, click on "Add."

Viewing the Schedule

Close the Scoresheet Summary Window.  You will now the games you entered appearing on the list.

You can click on "Edit," Summary," or "Delete" beside each game.  Select "Summary" when you just want to enter the score, and use "Edit" when you want to enter the full game scoring information.  The icon to the left of the game shows if the game result has been recorded yet.

No result has been recorded yet
Only a game summary has been recorded
The full game report has been recorded

Recording A Game Summary

Select an entry on the schedule.  Right click on the game and choose "Summary."

The game sheet will appear, but this time with a box labeled "Summary."  Check this box, and enter the score into the "Goals" boxes.  Click "Save," and the score and points will be reflected on the web site.  The summary is used when you want to update standings without entering all the individual statistics information.

Recording Full Game Results

Double click on a game on the schedule.

The information will appear in the gamesheet window.  The first step is to enter the period information.  Check the periods that were played, and add periods or edit periods as needed.  Note: You cannot enter scoring information until you check which periods have been played.

Enter the game score and change the status to "Recorded" (if you forget to do this you will have the chance to mark the game sheet as recorded when you click on "Save").  Enter all necessary information such as referees and timers.

Click on the tabs for the home and away teams at the top of the window.

Under players, choose the players from the team roster on the left hand side that you want to enter on the scoresheet.  Double click on them to move them onto the players list.  If the player is using a different number as usual, then right click on the player on the left side window.  You will be able to enter a different number that will only be used for this game.  A new player can be created by selecting "" from the bottom of the left hand side list.  You can enter the player information and they will automatically be added to the team roster.

Click on the "Scoring" tab at the bottom right side of the page.

Here you can enter goal scoring information in the boxes provided.  The player numbers must have already been added to the gamesheet or the system will reject them.  Also the periods must have been defined as described above.  Click on the "+" button to add the goal.

Click on the "Penalties" tab to edit the penalties.

You can add penalty information from this screen.

Once you have added the information for both teams, you can click on the "Save" button.

The game sheet will now appear as recorded.

In some instances, the web site may not properly update with the new statistics.  In this case, go to the "Tools" menu and select "Refresh Statistics."

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