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Coaches Package 2013

Enclosed are registration, rules and tournament details

BC SPRING CLASSIC Tournament Rules June 7 9th 2013


Coquitlam Planet Ice 2300 Rocket Way, Coquitlam BC, V3K 2H2

Registration: All teams are to register 1 hour prior to the start of their first game. All players are required to have a copy of their Birth Certificates available at all times during the tournament. Managers who are unable to produce ID of players, if asked for by tournament official only, will be removed from the roster until proof is shown. Exceptions for over age players may be approved by Tournament Committee prior to the start of the tournament. All teams must submit Proof of insurance; Insurance Document must be emailed prior to June 5th, 2013 to

Rosters: All players Parents or Guardians and Team officials must sign the official team waiver sheet prior to playing their first game. Each Player is only allowed to be on 1 team roster in the tournament.

Jerseys: It will be the responsibility of the home team to wear DARK colored jerseys, the visiting team to wear LIGHT colored jerseys. In the case of teams with only one set, mutual arrangements may be made between the two teams involved prior to the start of the game. Team officials should check on this well in advance of the scheduled start time to avoid a problem at game time.

Handshake: Teams will shake hands at center then line up on their respected blue lines for the MVP prize. MVP will be picked by each teams coach for their team.

Forfeit: A team that does not present itself for a game will be subject to expulsion from the tournament (at the discretion of the Disciplinary Committee). All forfeited games will be 1-0 scores and No refunds will be given.

Zero Tolerance: There will be no tolerance of referee abuse. Offenders will be ejected from the game. The referees will be instructed to give a single warning before ejecting any coach from the game. Any coach ejected from more than one game will be suspended from the remainder of the tournament. Any unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Abusive spectators will be required to leave the premises. We therefore ask that all managers & coaches instruct their parents & players to understand all the rules of our Tournament.

Ice Time Allocation:

Warm up - Pre-game warm-ups will be four minutes.

Game Length: Each game will be 3 - 15 minute stop time periods with the following adjustments, if necessary:

a) The total elapsed time cannot exceed 75 minutes per game. The tournament reserves the right to make adjustments to accommodate for delays in schedules.

b) The time established for the third period will be determined by dividing the remaining time available by 2. This decision can only be made by a tournament official.

Finals: Each game will be 3 -15 minute stop time periods. (Total elapsed time cannot exceed 90 minutes per game)

Time Outs:

Each team is permitted to use one 30 second time per game

Round Robin Play/ Bracket Breakdown: ** In any playoff or consolation game the team with the best record will be the home team**

6 Team: In the case of a six team age group each team will play 3 games in the round robin and rank 1 through 6. The top 4 teams advance to the semi-finals and the 5th and 6th place team play a consolation game. Winner of each semi-final game plays in the finals and losers play for bronze.

Semi Finals

(1 vs. 4)

(2 vs. 3)

8 Team: In the case of an eight team age group each team has been placed into one of two brackets (East/West) you will play the other three teams in your bracket. At the conclusion of round robin play the respected teams ranked 1st and 2nd in each bracket will play each other in a semifinal format, winner of each semifinal game plays in the finals.

(1 West vs. 2 East) (1 East vs. 2 West)

Teams placed 3rd 4th in their respected brackets will play the SAME placed team in the other bracket in a consolation game.

(3 West vs. 3 East) (4 East vs. 4 West)

Tournament Rules: Follow the current BCAHA / PCAHA Rulebooks

Protests: No protests will be accepted. Referees Decisions are final.

Standings After Round Robin - If 2 Teams are tied in the standings the following tie-break steps will be taken in this order (if 3 or more teams are tied then same Criteria is used):

1) Head to Head record

2) Team with the greatest number of wins

3) Team with fewest goals against

4) Team with fewest penalty minutes

5) Goals for

6) Coin Toss

Overtime No overtime in Round Robin Play -Playoffs - There will be a 5-minute, stop-time, 4-on-4 sudden death period to determine the winner. The team will remain in the same ends of the ice as the third period. If no winner is decided during the overtime, a 3-man shoot-out will decide the game. If still tied after the first 3, there will be a sudden death shoot-out. Each team must use every player on the bench before allowing the first shooter to go again. Players will shoot alternately at each end until the match is decided.

Mercy Rule: If there is a five-goal differential then game play will be switched to a running clock. If the lead is reduce to 2 goals or less the clock will return to stop time.

Tournament Points - Two points will be allocated to the winning team, one point for a tie and zero to the losing team.

Body Checking: There is NO Body contact in the 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 age groups.

Major Penalties:

Checking From Behind:

A) 2 or 5 Minute penalty in the first two periods will be an immediate ejection from that game.

B) 2 or 5 Minute penalty in the final 10 minutes of the third period will be an immediate ejection and next game suspension.

GROSS / MATCH MISCONDUCT: Every Gross / Match penalty will be reviewed by the Disciplinary Committee but will hold a minimum one game suspension to ejection of the tournament.

FIGHTING: Fighting majors will result in an automatic one game suspension with the instigator receiving a minimum two games suspension. The Disciplinary Committee as deemed necessary may implement further suspensions.